The Social Business Toolkit SDK can be used by web and Java developers to easily access HCL Connections. Watch this video for an overview of the SDK.

XPages developers can also use the XPages Social Enabler to integrate Connections functionality in their apps. Watch this video for how to use the social enabler and how to embed XPages in the Embedded Experience in Connections.

In order to extend Connections communities without having to deploy every extension one by one there are several 'generic iWidgets'. The generic HTML widget allows for example embedding YouTube videos or Slideshare decks in communities (video). The generic XPages widget allows integrating different XPages apps without having to deploy anything (video). The generic NSF view widget allows rendering data from NSFs without using Domino Designer (video). Similarly you can access NSF content using the IFrame-able View Controls which even create Notes views for efficient queries (video).

The HCL Connections toolbar for Firefox facilitates searching and using HCL Connections directly from the toolbar without the need to navigate or search the HCL Connections UI.

The award winning project Notes Mail and Calendar for HCL Connections allows access to Domino mail in Connections 3 (video).

With the attendance widget HCL Connections users can track their work hours directly from the Connections home page (video).

The OpenSocial Gadget for Facebook assumes that Facebook entries have been pushed into the HCL Connections activity stream. When users then click on these entries the Embedded Experience shows more information for the particular entry which is read from Facebook.

The Poll iWidget project provides a simple sample how to do pollings within communities.

The project EMail Notifications for Connections File Comments shows how to extend Connections using the events SPI.

In addition to these open source projects OpenNTF (Inc.) also hosts, a news aggregator for HCL Digital Solutions professionals. Connections developers can keep track of development related news and administrative topics.